1940          Born 20 January in Montijo, Portugal.

1947          Begining of piano studies with his aunt D. Judite Rosado.

1948          Started composition studies with  the same aunt.

1951          Attended the National Conservatory, Lisbon (piano and composition).

1956          Diploma in Composition (with Artur Santos and Croner de Vasconcelos).

1958          Diploma in Piano. Schoolarship from C. Gulbenkian Foudation. Frequency of first year in History-Filosofy

                  at Lisbon University. Departure to Rome to study in Academia de Santa Cecília ( withBoris Porena and  

                  Goffredo Petrassi).

1959          Sassetti prize in composition.

1960          Studies with Luigi Nono in Venice. Attendance at Electronic Studio of Bilthoven in Holand. Ferienkurse

                  für Neue Musik in Darmstadt.

1961          Diploma in Composition at Academia de Santa Cecília in Rome. First audiction of his work for orchestra

                  Políptico 1960 in Naples. Participation in International Contemporary Music Festival of Bayreuth.

1962          In the Academy of Music in Basel studied with Pierre Boulez, K. Stockhausen and G. Koenig.

                  Schoolarship from Instituto da Alta Cultura. Co-direction of Contemporary Music Course with Louis

                  Saguer at Academia dos Amadores de Música, in Lisbon.

1964          Direction a Course of Introduction and Initiation to Contemporary Music with Pierre Mariétan at Sociedade

                  Nacional de Belas-Artes.

1965          Happening in Galeria Divulgação. Teaches Composition in Conservatório do Porto.

1966          Special prize in Composiotion at FCG contest.

1967          Happening in Galeria Quadrante. Direction a Course of Introduction and Initiation to Contemporary Music

                  with Filipe de Sousa. Participation in Ensemble, an experimental concert, promoted  by Stockhausen in


1968          Participation in Musik Fur ein Haus, an experimental concert, promoted  by Stockhausen in Darmstadt.

                  Special nomination the 2nd Concurso Nacional de Composição FCG.

1970          Participation in the VI Curso Internacional de Música de Curitiba, II Festival de Música de Guanabara in

                  Rio de Janeiro and in I Festival de Música Contemporânea of Buenos Aires. Founds Grupo de Música 

                  Contemporânea de Lisboa, with the colaboration of other portuguese musicians.

1971          Presence in VIII Festival of Royan and Journées de Musique Contemporaine de Paris.

1972          Grant to work in electronic music at the Studio of IPEM, in Gant. Participation in IX Festival de Art

                  Contemporaine de Royan. Concerts in Madeira.

1973          Recording of CDE. Award of the critics of classical music of Casa da Imprensa.

1974          Prize in Composiotion at FCG contest. Participation in II Festival Ibérico de Badajoz and in the Warsaw

                  Autumn Festival. Recording of Elegia a Amílcar Cabral.

1975          Prize in Orchestral and Chamber Music of SPA. Concerts in Belgium. Colaboration in 24 Hours of  

                  Comunication, in Brussels. Participation in I Festival de Música da Costa do Estoril.

1976          Presence in XIII Festival of Royan.

1977          Participation in 1º Encontros Gulbenkian de Música Contemporânea. Member of Presidencial Council of

                  Internacional Society of Contemporary Music. Participation in I Festival Latino-Americano of S. João del

                  Rei, in Brasil, and in Dias da Música Contemporânea in Madrid. Concerts in Spain, Belgium, Germany,

                  Poland and Switzerland with the GMCL. Eletronic piece in Studio de Musique Experimentale in Bourges,


1978          Concerts in Stuttgard, Bienal of Zagreb and Miró Foundation in Barcelona. Participation in 2º EGMC and

                  Festival de Vigo.

1979          Participation in 3º EGMC, Festival de Vigo, Festival de Música da Costa do Estoril and Internationale

                  Gaudeamus Muziekweek.

1980          Participation in 4º EGMC, 6º Festival de Música da Costa do Estoril and Festival of Contemporary Music

                  in Alessandria. Participation as jury in the Viotti International Competition of Composition.

1981          Participation in Festival of Acqui Terme, 5º EGMC, I Jornadas de Música Electroacústica in Viana do

                  Castelo and in the cycle “Homenaje a Pessoa”, in Madrid. Direction in a Composition and Analysis

                  Courses organized by Oficina Musical. Concerts in Madeira.

1982          Participation in 6º EGMC.

1983          Participation in III Jornadas Internacionais de Música Electroacústica in Viana do Castelo, 1º Seminário de

                  Música Electracústica  and 7º EGMC.

1984          Prize in Composition by Conselho Português da Música. Participation in the 20th aniversary of Festival

                  Música Nova in Santos, World Music Days, in Toronto, Festival of Contemporary Music in Naples and 8º

                  EGMC. Concerts in Paris. Lectures in Barcelona and Salamanca. Direction in a Course of XX Century

                  Music History, in Torres Vedras.

1985          Prize in Chamber Music by SPA. Teaches Analysis and Composition in Escola de Música do

                  Conservatório Nacional. Participation in II Jornadas Internacionais da Oficina Musical in Porto, VIII

                  Festivale Internazionale di Musica Antica e Contemporanea de Torino, International Festival in Santiago de

                  Compostela, Encontro Luso-espanhol de Compositores, Internationale Gaudeamus Muziekweek, 9º

                  EGMC and in the cycle “Um Século em Abismo”, of ACARTE.

1986          Participation in 10º EGMC, XXII Festival de Música Nova in Santos, Festival de Inverno in S. João del-

                  Rei, Minas Gerais and the Conference “O Fantástico na Arte Contemporânea”.

1987          Participation in I Jornadas de Musica Contemporanea in Santiago de Compostela, III International Festival

                  in Santiago de Compostela and 11º EGMC. Prize in Composition by Conselho Português da Música.

1988          Prize Joly Braga Santos. Award  by Secretaria de Estado da Cultura. Participation in 12º EGMC and

                  Quinzena de Música Contemporânea de Macau.

1989          Participation in III Summer Course for Young Musicians in Leiria, Summer School in Universidade do

                  Minho and in 13º EGMC. Eletronic piece in  Studio de Musique Experimentale in Bourges, France.

1990          Homage to Jorge Peixinho in FCSH of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Prize of Rádio. Participation in 14º

                  EGMC. Works in IRCAM. Participation in a week dedicated  to Jorge Peixinho in Toronto, promoted by

                  New Music Consort.

1991          Gold Medal of the city of Montijo. City Key of Vila do Conde. Award of the city of Faro. Participation in

                  VII International Festival in Alicante, Festivale Settimana Musicale Senese and 15º EGMC. Concerts in

                  Itália, Brazil and Belgium (Europália).

1992          Participation in International Festival of Bucarest and 16º EGMC.

1993          Participation in 17º EGMC and II Jornadas de Arte Contemporânea do Porto.

1994          Participation in 18º EGMC. Concerts integrated in Lisboa Capital da Cultura.

1995          Participation in 19º EGMC. Dies in June the 30th, victim of heart failure.

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