1930                 Born in Queluz - Sintra

1942/49           Studies in the Conservatory (Lisbon), in Harp and Piano.

1948                 Graduated in Harp.

1949                 Graduated in Piano.

1951/52          Studied Composition in the class of Croner de Vasconcelos.

1959                 Entered "Orquestra de Concertos" conducted by Frederico de Freitas.

1960                 Played with "Os Menestreis de Lisboa", directed by Santiago Kastner, with

                          whom studied interpretation of "Early Music".

1961                 With a scholarship of Gulbenkian Foudation, studied Harp in Amsterdam with

                           Phia Berghout, following an advise of Santiago Kastner.

1962                  Met the Composer Jorge Peixinho, introduced to her by the Harpist Mário

                          Falcão, with whom played "Imagens Sonoras" for two Harps  by Jorge Peixinho.                            After this began a lifetime collaboration with Peixinho.

1962/63            Return to Amsterdam to continued studying Harp with Phia Berghout, this time                            with a scholarship of the Dutch Government.

1964                  Again as a scholarship recipient of Gulbenkian Foundation, studied Harp in

                           Paris with Jacqueline Borot.

1965                 Entered"Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto" conducted by Silva Pereira.

1967                 With a scholarship of Gulbenkian Foundation, studied in Cologne, throughout

                          bass in Harp with the Harpist Dr.Hans Ziengel.

1969                 Entered "Orquestra Sinfónica Nacional"(Lisbon) as Harp Solo.

1970                 Collaborated in the foundation of "Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa"


1973/74           Founder of "Trio Antiqua" with the Flutist Carlos Franco and the cellist Luísa de


1974                 In the activity of GMCL, Jorge Peixinho directed a collective work named "In-

                         con-sub-sequência". This is her first experience in contemporary composition. 

1976                 Her first work "Encontro" is distinguished in "Tribune Internationale des

                          Compositeurs" (Paris)

1980                 First Prize of "Oficina Musical" (Oporto), with the work "Variantes" for Flute and


1981                 Distintion for the work "Música para Três Grupos".

1987                 Professor of "Analisys and Composition Technics" at the National Conservatory

                          (Lisbon). Member of Classical Music Department of the Portuguese Society of


1989                 Professor of Harp at the National Conservatory (Lisbon).


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